McGavock Dickinson (Dick) Bransford

We offer smaller-to-mid-sized companies solutions to support their growth goals, address challenges, and/or support the owners’ personal financial goals of maximizing the company’s value and getting some liquidity — either now or in the future.

Target Clients: mostly established companies with revenues of at least $5~10 million, occasional early-revenue, fast-growth companies

  • Transactions: Business sales, mergers, acquisitions, corporate divestitures and arranging related financing
  • Capital Access: Expansion stage or later equity, debt or project finance (the latter managed by colleagues with particularly deep energy project expertise)
  • Transitions: Strategic options evaluation, valuation, ownership transition planning (immediately or staged over time) applying various options such as management buyout, management buy-in, family succession, sale to strategic buyer, partial or full sale to financial buyer, etc.
  • Restructuring: Corporate recapitalization, reorganization
  • Relationships: Joint ventures, strategic alliances, licensing

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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, minutes across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

Mid-Market Securities is headquartered in New York, and has about two dozen bankers from both well-known Wall Street firms and lesser known firms that serve smaller companies.  We’re experienced in a number of industries and have conducted several international transactions.

We offer smaller and mid-sized companies the insights, international access, processes and professionalism large companies expect.

In hope that clients, prospective clients and others may benefit from my thoughts and observations, I have been writing occasional blog articles since 2007 on a variety of topics pertinent to the owners/shareholders of smaller to mid-sized companies.

McGavock Dickinson (Dick) Bransford, CM&AA

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